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This is Tonewulf

Tonewulf music known for idiosyncratic electro-acoustic musical production and mesmerizing live video performances. Influenced heavily by the sculpting-in-time approach of filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky and the “fields of meaning” semiotics of Umberto Eco, Tonewulf music is instrumentally complex, intricately arranged, and visually evocative.

As dynamic and expressive on dance floors as in headphones, Tonewulf creates a unique blend of textures which propel urgently forward, then rise into mist and transform into a shape-shifting murmuration of starlings, rising, descending, then coalescing once again into the infectious and pulsing rhythms that drive bodies to motion.

Elaborately crafted and full of celebration, Tonewulf music rings out with a barrage of unique instruments (vibraslap, clanking hammers, bursts of static, etc) and layers of synthesized voices, resulting in an ensemble of music striking a similar vein to groups such as Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Pretty Lights, DJ Shadow, and Massive Attack.


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