Sometimes People Don’t Understand


I strongly recommend you visit The House on the Rock in Spring Green, WI.


Because it will prompt a strong response. Read the reviews. People either love it or hate it.

A review of The House on the Rock left by Katherine C says:

This attraction should be voted most likely to simulate an acid trip. Its the most wonderfully weird, eclectic, crazy collection and exhibit. There is literally nothing like the House on the Rock tour. If you love things that are a off beat and different, do not miss this place. Go all the way to the end.”

I can think of no greater compliment than this quote. It is pretty much what we are trying to do with Tonewulf.

And yet, another person said this:

“Clearly, as evidenced by some comments here, the House on a Rock has its fans — just as there are people who might thrill to the idea of being locked inside a deep-sea submersible, 20,000 feet under the ocean, with no means of escape and little oxygen, entirely dependent on factors beyond their control. If something about that scenario doesn’t work for you, forget about visiting this deeply claustrophobic, poorly managed hellhole. Once you enter, you can’t leave. (It’s a long, one-way, narrow path through the complex.) If you have breathing issues, allergies, asthma, anxiety, or any kind of mobility issue, do not even think about visiting. By the way, HotR isn’t a “house” but rather a warren of passages through seemingly endless interior spaces (almost no windows, no exit doors) in a complex of several structures, some of them of dubious structural integrity. Arguably, it doesn’t even meet normal standards of public safety. Fire-suppression or safety mechanisms? Not at all evident. Signage to help you find your way? Woefully deficient. Staff members to answer questions or even to help in cases of medical emergency? Nowhere to be seen. After you shell out big bucks for the privilege, you’re left to work through a very long, dimly lit, suffocatingly stuffy, filthy maze filled with the grotesque imaginings of a world-class hoarder from a pre-modern era. But maybe that’s your thing. Not mine.”

And it’s okay if sometimes people don’t understand.

Make something interesting. Chances are that even if some people don’t like it, other will.

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